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Cast in Silence - Michelle Sagara Where to start? This fifth book in the Chronicles of Elantra series is just as engrossing as the previous ones. I may be biased, here, because I love Kaylin, but I don't normally love books just because of a character...There's lots going on here, but mostly it's a continuation of that feeling that something's rousing and it's not a good kind of something. A lot more history of Elantra is revealed, and a bit more of Kaylin's past, as well. And as you learn more about her, you're just a little amazed that she's as relatively normal as she is. Relatively being the key word, here.It was nice to find out more about the supporting cast of characters. And what a cast it is. Pick these books up to find your favorite(s)... I'm now waiting impatiently for Cast in Chaos. Hurry up & get here... Please?