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Cloudburst - V.C. Andrews I haven’t read V.C. Andrews since Flowers in the Attic, a long long time ago. But when presented with the opportunity to check out some of her new books, I was intrigued.drey’s thoughts:Sasha Porter lost her mother in an accident one rainy night, and before she knows it, she’s living the life of a very rich little girl – with the family of the girl responsible for her mother’s death. The March family dynamics are complicated, though, and her foster sister Kiera is one teenager I would not have wanted to hang around with any more than I absolutely had to.But Sasha hangs in there, and I’m not sure why. At the end of the first book in the series, Family Storms, I would’ve told the Marches to take their guilt and stuff it, and to spend their money getting Kiera a conscience. Of course, that would’ve been a little bit too simplistic, as all children’s personalities and behavior has at part of its root their parents’ actions.In Cloudburst, it seems as though Kiera has turned a new leaf. She’s away at college, and Sasha can focus on building her relationships at school. Except it seems as though she’s turning into a mini-Kiera (without the complete bitchiness)… Then Sasha meets a boy. And finds out that everything’s (still) a mirage, at least where it concerns Kiera and the Marches. Why oh why does she still trust these people?I have to say that I didn’t love Cloudburst, because I really didn’t care that much for any of the characters. Even Sasha – I felt bad for her experiences, but even then I didn’t care for the person she turned out to be. Maybe I’m too critical?drey’s rating: Ok