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After the Golden Age - Carrie Vaughn Celia West is tired. Of what it means to be the daughter of two superheroes – the world’s greatest champions. Of being noticed, and not for the right reasons (see previous line). Of not having any superpowers of her own. And, not that she knows it yet, of being afraid of her own past.Then she’s asked to do her job – as a forensic accountant – and find evidence to put away the Destructor, the supervillain her parents weren’t able to bring to justice. And doing so puts Celia at odds with everyone: her parents, the Olympiad, and the Destructor’s forces. But it’s not all bad – it also puts her in the path of Detective Mark Paulson.A lot of the story is about bringing the Destructor to justice. But it’s also about Celia’s journey to self-awareness, forgiveness, and redemption. And if she could’ve done it without all the blasted kidnappings, it would’ve been great.Carrie Vaughn’s writing is full of humor and sass, as Celia navigates her way from regret to acceptance. There’s a lot of hurt in this girl, and a pile of stubbornness to go with it. She’s brave, though – and who else can do what she does? Without superpowers, to boot?After the Golden Age is a fabulously fun read for fans – of Carrie’s writing, of superheroes, and of underdogs.drey’s rating: Excellent!