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South of Hell - P.J. Parrish I never knew there was a Hell in Michigan. Apparently there is, and so South of Hell is also a place — and one that’s not making it onto my must-visit list anytime soon. Not as long as I still have the heebie-jeebies from reading this book, that is.Louis Kincaid — former cop, current private investigator — is asked to return to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to help a cop solve a missing-person case that’s nine years old. When he gets there, he realizes that this was a case he’d looked at, and filed under “ran away”. Then things get a bit wonky.There’s a husband-slash-suspect, who might’ve killed the missing woman, and is just out on parole. There’s his girlfriend, who takes the abuse he heaps on her. There’s a mystery teenager hiding in a kitchen cupboard when Louis “visits” the farm that’s south of Hell. There’re bones buried in the barn on that farm, that predates all of them. Oh, and there’s a blast from Joe’s past that swings by with a surprise.Phew.All of that ties together, with help from a hypnotist, a cop-slash-girlfriend, and a really smart little girl. I was impressed and amazed by the depth of the characters, as well as the plot. Everything flowed seamlessly, everything wrapped up neatly (if not easily), and the characters, while flawed, were human. Well, except for the bad guy.South of Hell is one white-knuckled ride through some very unpleasant events, that will grab and hold your attention until you heave a sigh of relief at reaching the last page. And now I need to check out the previous 8 Louis Kincaid books. Thanks for adding to my TBR pile!drey’s rating: Excellent!