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The Little Death - P.J. Parrish Oh my. Last week I read P.J. Parrish’s South of Hell and told you it gave me the heebie-jeebies. So when I picked up The Little Death, I expected a similar reaction. And I’ll have to say up front that while this one has a serial killer on the loose, it’s definitely not as creepy as South of Hell.Louis and Mel are called to Palm Beach to help out an acquaintance of Mel’s. Well, maybe “acquaintance” isn’t quite the right word to use, but “guy Mel helped out once-upon-a-time” is kinda wordy, don’t you think? Anyway. So they head on over to Palm Beach, get dazzled by all the glittery scenery, and find themselves outside a murder investigation. Outside, because the cops don’t want them there.Too bad for the cops, because Louis and Mel aren’t the kind to be told to get lost. Instead, they do a little digging around, and what they find isn’t pretty. And while nothing exonerates Reggie, everything points to something bigger than just a plain ol’ murder.The Little Death weaves multiple characters, times, and storylines into one cohesive plot that will have you flipping pages until you’re done. And when you are done, you’re a little bit amazed by how deftly it’s done, how neatly it’s all wrapped up, and how you never saw it coming.Now I really can’t wait to pick up Heart of Ice, and I’m eyeing my calendar to figure out when I can go back and read the first eight books in this series!drey’s rating: Excellent!