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The Rebel Prince (Moorehawke Trilogy Series #3)

The Rebel Prince - Celine Kiernan The Rebel Prince is the third and last book in Celine Kiernan's Moorehawke trilogy, where Wynter Moorehawke has gone from daughter of the King's best friend to orphan on the run with the King's bastard and his best friend, looking for the Prince who's gathering all the Kingdom's enemies in the shadow of the woods...Wynter, Razi, and Christopher travel with the Merron and finally find Alberon's camp, where she's stunned when she finds out what he's planning to do. Good intentions aside, politics rears its ugly head and tempers are fraying. The tension rises when they realize that the King probably knows their whereabouts and an ambush or attack is forthcoming.Character: I still like Wynter, Christopher, and Razi, but out of all three, Wynter developed the most in the series. Alberon is finally introduced in this book, and it seems like he totally got the short shrift here, because he should have more than this opportunity to share what his reasons are for what he did and why he went about it the way he did...Pace & Plot: Celine Kiernan has you on tenterhooks as you turn the pages to find out what happens to Wynter and her friends. The scenes are pretty realistic as the situation gets more dire, and you can feel Wynter's frustration with her friends as they try to navigate their way to safety.This series is worth reading if you're a fan of YA fantasy.