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Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - Tris’ initiation day didn’t go quite as expected. People are dead, and war is looming. The factions are picking sides. Jeanine is hunting the Divergent. Nowhere is safe. And nobody can be trusted.I can see Insurgent playing out in my head as some sort of action-thriller where Tris and Tobias run around trying to figure things out before it’s TOO LATE. And as far as that goes, it totally satisfies.But I’m not sure I like Tris as much here as I did in Divergent. There, she’s strong and unafraid to see what’s right in front of her nose. Here, she’s a follower. Here, she lets herself be a victim. Maybe a martyr, but a victim nonetheless. And while she’s in that role, she’s not the Tris I wanted her to be.Still, there’s plenty here to absorb. You learn why Erudite is chasing down the Divergent. You learn who’s friend and who’s foe. You learn what happens to those who don’t get into a faction on their initiation day. And you learn the secret Tris’ father died trying to bring to light – one that makes Insurgent worth reading, and one that will make you wish the next book was here, NOW!drey’s rating: Excellent!