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Altar of Eden - James Rollins I've been meaning to pick up Altar of Eden for a while now. No, seriously--especially when it was making the rounds early in the year. But, with my TBR pile what it is, I just never got around to it. Until James Rollins said "yes" to being my Featured Author for May (yay me!).So. What did I think? A very quick summary: I've got a new author to add to my favorites list.The action is frenetic, with things happening (almost) quicker than you can read about them. I loved the characters--they're so very real, and the interaction between Lorna and Jack is pretty dang believable. The bad guy was pretty predictable for a bad guy, and that's ok. Sometimes you need your villain to be a teeny bit predictable.The detail in this book shows the level of research that went into it. Of course, I'm not a former veterinarian, so I wouldn't know if James Rollins was pulling a leg or two... But I'll go ahead and say he wasn't. There's plenty of scientific jargon scattered liberally throughout, and the Frankenstein-ish creatures that populate Altar of Eden are literally out of this world.Thriller fans will love this. There's plenty of action to keep you turning the pages as quickly as you can. I know I wished I read faster, to get to the end as soon as I could. I'm adding the rest of James' books to my want-to-read list. But don't take my word for it, go check it out for yourself!