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Dogs and Goddesses

Dogs and Goddesses - Lani Diane Rich, Anne Stuart, Jennifer Crusie, Lucy March Dogs and Goddesses is an entertaining story of three women who find themselves poised to save the world. How, you ask? They don't know...The story starts with Abby moving into town with her dog, a Newfoundland. She's there to check in on her inheritance, left by her grandmother. As soon as she rolls into town, she's waylaid by an exasperating college professor who demands that she fulfill her grandmother's contract to bake cookies for his math department reception. Daisy is a web programmer with a Jack Russell, who's Abby's renter. And Shar is a professor of ancient history who's trying to finish her grandmother's book, but can't find that one last footnote. Oh, and she has a dachshund.All three women have dogs. All three meet at an obedience class for their dogs. And all three find themselves surrounded by chaos when inexplicable powers show up around them. Wait - from them! And they realize that the ancient goddess that Shar is trying to footnote, is REAL, and trying to take over the world! (muahahahahaha!)Dogs and Goddesses is an enjoyable humor-filled romp. Check it out if you like chick-lit, Jennie Crusie, or are just looking for a fast, fun, read.