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Ghost Town (Morganville Vampires, Book 9)

Ghost Town - Rachel Caine So, things have settled down in Morganville--as much as things ever "settle"... But the vampires need to replace Ada, and be able to enforce the no-leaving rule, so Amelie has Claire working with Myrnin to figure out a solution. Which they do, but then Myrnin adds his special touch and things start going haywire again.Character: I heart Claire. And I am so sorry that she has to deal with all the crazies in Morganville. How unlucky can one girl get? Don't ask... Anyway. Claire has her hands full in this installment, as she figures out that the new "Ada" isn't working quite right. And she thinks Myrnin has something to do with it, but how do you prove that the crazy vamp is really crazy? Especially when he could crunch you like a bug, and just about as quickly, too. To add to her stress level Amelie and Oliver are fighting, and nothing's looking like roses anywhere. The gang's all here, but this one's heavy on Claire and Myrnin, with doses of Shane's father Frank.Pace & Plot: The plot is pretty straightforward: fix the machine, so that Morganville can be contained and controlled again. All the (main) stuff in between the covers is from the machine going haywire, finding out why, and attempting to fix it. I really enjoyed reading about Claire's frustration (& gross-out) with Myrnin's additions to "her" creation. Pretty descriptive, and just a bit eeeew-y. And the ending? Creeped me out!