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The Great Escape - Susan Elizabeth Phillips Published on drey's library: http://www.dreyslibrary.com/2013/04/09/tlc-book-tour-the-great-escape-by-susan-elizabeth-phillips/The Great Escape is a tale of what could be – if you’re brave enough to walk away from what you know is not right for you, no matter what others may think, or even say.Lucy Jorik never thought she’d be that girl – she’s always been as perfect as she could be, in thanks for the life she’s been lucky enough to live. So, everyone’s shocked when she walks out of the church and runs off on the back of a motorcycle, including Lucy. Especially since she doesn’t know the biker she’s riding behind.Then Lucy decides that her “running away” isn’t over, that letting motorcycle dude diss her isn’t acceptable, that being as perfect as she can isn’t good enough – for her. So, at thirty, Lucy finally rebels. And the fun begins. I loved Lucy (no pun intended!), and I loved her story and her adventure. I loved her courage and her stubbornness, and I loved that she realizes just how loved she is. Now lest you think The Great Escape is all Lucy all the time (anyone else hearing strains of the theme from I Love Lucy?), let me set the record straight. Motorcycle dude is pretty darn fab, even when he’s being stereotypically cheesy in the beginning of the story. And Lucy’s neighbor has problems of her own, but is too stubborn to accept offers of help…But even the best cast of characters would find it hard to shine without a great story to star in, and The Great Escape is a fitting stage indeed. Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ storytelling is lyrical and heartfelt, and is sure to please. Pick this one up!drey’s rating: Excellent!