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Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire Series #12)

Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire Series #12) - I cannot turn down a Sookie Stackhouse book. I may be able to wait a bit before getting to my turn on the library’s hold list, but I cannot turn it down. Sookie’s just about had it with the supes in Bon Temps. Felipe’s in town, looking into the death of his regent Victor. Sookie’s not breathing a word… She can’t even think about Victor – it could get her killed.Sam’s girlfriend Jannalynn is possessive and jealous – and strong enough to kill. Somehow she thinks Sookie’s got a thing going with Sam, and it shows. And now Eric’s got a dead donor on his front yard. Her Eric. Well, she thought he was hers…About the only bright spot is Niall’s visit. Then he disappears back to Faery, taking Claude with him. And now the fae are getting out of hand, because Claude’s not there to keep them in line. That’s not all – somebody knows Sookie has the cluviel dor, and is looking for it. With collateral damage.Phew.It seems as though everyone is expecting Sookie to get them what they want, find out what’s going on, and fix what’s going wrong. Quite the tall order for this human-with-a-bit-of-fairy-blood, isn’t it? And she doesn’t have anyone to go to, what with Niall in Faery, Eric’s betrothed in town, and Tara busy with babies. So Sookie’s left to take this bull by the horns, and all she has to do is try to survive the ride.Can she?Deadlocked flies by very quickly – the action starts around page 24, and doesn’t stop until the last page. And some of the twists and turns will leave you speechless. Especially the very last scene – leaves you wondering what Charlaine Harris has up her sleeves for book #13…drey’s rating: Excellent!