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Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight - Grace Burrowes Lady Louisa Windham has two worries weighing on her mind as the Christmas season approaches… The first is her marital status – or lack thereof. Not for herself, of course – she can’t imagine being married to some of these boors who think a woman shouldn’t be allowed to think for herself, never mind actually *gasp* speaking her mind. But rather for her younger sisters’ prospects. Stupid rules about sisters getting married off in birth order and all that…Her second worry? That even if she does meet someone she’d like to consider spending the rest of her life with, her past indiscretion will come back to bite her in the behind… She never should’ve taken that dare, but there’s not much to be done about it now…Then Louisa meets Joseph Carrington, a decorated veteran, pig farmer, widower, and father. Who happens to be looking for a wife, actually, only he hates all the socializing and small talk and such that comes with the task… And voila! A match made?Oh, but wait. This is a book, after all, and as such we have to have a few obstacles to overcome. And Grace keeps us in suspense – what did Louisa do, all those years ago?I really enjoyed Louisa and Joseph’s story. And while I think they should’ve gotten to the ‘fessing up part sooner rather than later, that would’ve messed with the suspense part of the plot. So. If you haven’t read Grace Burrowes, start with The Heir. You’ll have time to catch up before the next book – Lady Eve’s Indiscretion comes out next February!drey’s rating: Pick it up!