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The Orphan Sister - Gwendolen Gross Gwendolen Gross' The Orphan Sister tells the story of one of a triplet set who's not like the other two, and how that affects their relationship and interactions--with each other, with their family, friends, with strangers. It is also the story of a family that falls apart when the father disappears--telling only one child where he went--and of secrets that can tear your life apart if you let it. It is a story of grief and yearning and loss when a loved one dies young. And last but not least, it is a sweet romance between two best friends who (finally) take that step that has been waiting for them for so very long...The emotions are tangled and complicated, the characters are easy to like, and the story is compelling. The mystery surrounding her father's disappearance throws Clementine for a loop, especially when her mother's reaction isn't quite what she expects, and one of her sisters' is openly hostile. He is not a person you would care for, and yet I almost felt bad for the consequences of his past--I guess that's the mark of a good author! I enjoyed Clementine tremendously--she's been a third wheel all her life, and yet she's the strong one for her family in its time of need. She's loyal and true, she's steadfast even when confused, and she's the one who tries to hold the family together.