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One Deadly Sin - Annie Solomon This is the story of Edie Swann's quiet return to her hometown, twenty years after her father's death, to find out why he died. She already knows the "how" - heck, the whole town knows the "how" - but the man everyone said her father was, could not have been her father. So, someone's hiding something. The question is, what? And who's hiding it?She hatches a plan to scare the answer out of the men who knew her father. However, they turn up dead before she's had a chance to talk to them. Who's killing them off? Why? Things take a turn for the worse when Edie herself is targeted by the killer.This is a romance/mystery/suspense novel that's full up on all three. I'm not a big fan of the romance genre - they're usually all romance, and not much plot. But Annie Solomon's writing is so tight that you almost forget there's a romantic angle in this story. And it's only slightly a girl-meets-boy, boy-saves-girl kind of story. =)One Deadly Sin kept me reading until I finished. Not an easy feat considering that I picked it up late last night, and therefore went to bed late. And woke up groggy. And had to go to work... Which is totally beside the point. It comes out April 28. Get it if you like a good juicy mystery with your romantic entanglements. =)