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Sleepwalker - Karen Robards Mikayla Lange has just dumped her cheating boyfriend, and is hiding out at her Uncle Nicco’s to get some solitude and do some post-breakup moping. Where she then interrupts thieves in the middle of robbing Nicco’s safe… What she finds there though, could very well put her own life in danger so she pretends to be a hostage to escape Nicco’s guards. Who would’ve thunk – a cop running away with a thief? A gorgeous thief, but a thief nonetheless…The action in the beginning is solid and grips you right off the bat. Once they’ve gotten past the guards though, it all slows down – to give these two time to fall in love, I guess. Don’t get me wrong – they’re still pursued, and Nicco’s resources are vaster than Mick ever expected.Then again, her Uncle Nicco is way darker than Mick ever expected, too. Now the two of them have to figure out what to do about Nicco – especially when Mick’s sister and nieces are kidnapped…I enjoyed Sleepwalker – Mick and Jason (the gorgeous thief) are well-defined and well-developed, and the plot is strong if a bit slow in the second half of the book. Still, it’s worth a read if romantic suspense is your thing… drey’s rating: Pick it up!