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Green - Jay Lake This one’s been floating in and out of the house for a while – ever since the sequel, Endurance, showed up on my doorstep…drey’s thoughts:Green is the story of a girl who’s bought, brought to a land across the seas from her home, and trained to be the best courtesan in Copper Downs. She can read and write, cook for kings, sew for queens, dance like an angel. She can also hold a grudge.When Green decides enough is enough, she does the only thing she knows will get her out of this form of captivity – she mars her beauty. And kills her caretaker, accidentally. But things done are done, and now she has to run. Drawn into intrigue beyond her ken, Green next dispatches the one who bought her – and sets into motion more than she can comprehend. She is barely twelve, after all.The next chapter in Green’s life brings her home – along with disillusionment – and surprise that she makes it that far. When she’s drawn into the folds of Kalimpura’s ranks of women warrior priestesses, Green seems to thrive. And you’re happy that she has a place to belong. But if that were it, the story would be over. Instead, she’s sent back to Copper Downs to deal with the mess she left behind.Jay Lake’s world is vivid and well-defined. I didn’t like how women and children are treated, but I think that plays a huge part in my liking Green. She’s impetuous and brash, and thinks she can handle anything. Oh, the folly of youth. She is also an underdog, and still very much just a child.I will be reading Endurance as soon as I can to find out what happens next to this unlikely God-maker.drey’s rating: Pick it up!