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The Summer He Came Home - Juliana Stone Published on drey's library: http://www.dreyslibrary.com/2013/04/18/review-the-summer-he-came-home-by-juliana-stone/It’s been years since Cain Black set foot in Crystal Lake – he never planned it like that, time just flew by, and then he wasn’t sure he’d be welcome. Prodigal son and all that, y’know? But he’s back now, for the funeral of one of his best childhood friends. Now, his fear of no longer fitting in doesn’t matter anymore – not when one of the foursome known as the Bad Boys of Crystal Lake is gone for good.Spending time with his family and the remaining Bad Boys, Mac and Jack, soon has Cain set almost to rights. Because Jesse’s death isn’t the only thing Cain has to deal with. Being a famous rock star does come with some drawbacks, after all…When Cain meets Maggie O’Rourke, he’s taken by her. I’d say smitten, but bad boy rock starts don’t get smitten, do they? Anyway. He wants to get to know Maggie, and is somewhat surprised by her reticence. She has her reasons, of course.I loved Maggie – she’s a heroine you’ll wholeheartedly get behind, because she’s real. Her actions and reasons are valid, her concern fierce, and her sensibilities firmly grounded. I love that she pushes the rock star away because she doesn’t want the influence on her son, even if (especially if!) it’s temporary. I love that she’s level-headed when she accepts the attraction, and I love that she places conditions on their relationship, never mind that this is a ROCK STAR we’re talking about.I loved Cain, too. He’s persistent, that’s for sure. I love that he’s understanding and kind, when he could be arrogant and privileged. I love that he doesn’t push, yet makes his interest known. Not that he’s perfect, because he’s not. Then again, neither is she.Juliana Stone knocked this one out of the ballpark, and not just with Cain and Maggie. The secondary characters pique my interest enough that I want to read their stories too, and now! The love story is hot and sexy, yet sweet and sassy. The only complaint I would have is that Maggie’s backstory took so long to be told, yet was resolved quicker than you can say “love”. I know, I know, that’s a bit nit-picky… Anyway, pick this one up if you love contemporary romances with fabulous characters and an engaging story!drey’s rating: Excellent!