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Flirting Under a Full Moon - Ashlyn Chase Published on drey's library: http://www.dreyslibrary.com/2013/04/08/review-flirting-under-a-full-moon-by-ashlyn-chase/I haven’t picked up an Ashlyn Chase novel in a while, not since The Werewolf Upstairs – and Flirting Under a Full Moon sounded like it would be fun and sassy, so I thought I’d give her novels another try.For the most part, it delivered. Brandee’s take on swearing is funny, and she’s got a great personality. Some of the other funnies weren’t quite my thing – Nick’s sense of humor is typical of a teenage boy, and Mother Nature’s drama – and Apollo’s “explanation” for it – fell rather flat. And the whole “whodunnit” part of the plotline seemed half-baked, as it was rarely mentioned except for in the beginning and at the end.I’m guessing that Ashlyn Chase’s books aren’t quite my cup of tea. This one – like The Werewolf Upstairs – was ok but I didn’t really get into it, and there was an inconsistency in my ARC that was distracting. Knowing myself though, I’ll probably pick up another Ashlyn Chase book in the future, just to see if my taste has changed…drey’s rating: Ok