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Lucky in Love - Jill Shalvis What makes a great romance writer? For me, it’s characters that you love, a story that moves you, and emotion that sweeps you off your feet. And by my criteria, Jill Shalvis is an awesome romance writer. I loved Mallory, and I loved Ty.She’s totally darling, even with the issues she’s dealing with. And he’s absolutely yummy, even with all of his issues. She’s smart and stubborn and sassy; he can dish it out as well as he takes it. I bawled like a baby at the sad parts, awwwww’d at the warm fuzzies, smirked at the sassiness, and drooled over all the chocolate. Ok, so it’s just references to chocolate in a book, sue me.I loved how well Jill describes small-town Lucky Harbor and its charming (ahem!) characters. And I totally enjoyed all the Facebook references – along with the nosiness that accompanies a small town knowing your each and every move. I cannot wait for the next book, At Last, coming June 26th…drey’s rating: Excellent!