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Silver Girl: A Novel - Elin Hilderbrand Elin Hilderbrand's Silver Girl is the story of a woman whose life is turned completely upside down by her husband's actions--and of friendship, redemption, and love.Meredith Delinn faces complete ostracism from society when her husband Freddy's financial ponzi scheme is busted wide open. Needing to hide her face (and shame) from everybody, she calls up her childhood best friend and is whisked off to Nantucket for the summer. Not that everything's great between Connie and Meredith... And Connie has her own turmoil to lay to rest.I did not like Freddy--and maybe it's by design. After all, by the time we meet him, he's being sentenced for ripping off millions and millions of dollars from investors. And, the flashbacks down memory lane don't really paint a picture of someone I would like. Which begs the question--why did Meredith end up with him anyway? A boy, of course. Because we make wonderful life-altering decisions while nursing a broken heart.Connie is someone I'd want to have as my childhood BFF. Yes, she has her own set of problems, but who among us doesn't? Yet she's loyal enough to say "yes" when Meredith asks. That is a friend.And Meredith. From shock and denial, to anger and worry, Meredith is a rock whose husband definitely does not deserve her. She is torn between staying loyal to her husband, and cutting all ties to start over. And when her high school boyfriend shows up on Nantucket, she wonders if she can start over.Silver Girl is an emotional read, and you feel for both Meredith and Connie as each deals with their own problems while trying to help the other through. The threads of friendship shines brightly through, even over rocky roads. A good addition to the summer reading pile.