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Deep Autumn Heat: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance

Deep Autumn Heat - Elisabeth Barrett If you love food, or chefs, or both, AND you like your contemporary romances sizzling hot, then you’ll definitely want to pick up Deep Autumn Heat! Lexie Meyers is feisty, Sebastian Grayson is yummy, and the sparks so fast and furious you’d better have a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade next to you as you turn the pages. Also, don’t read on an empty stomach…Alright, I’m all done with the PSAs… Deep Autumn Heat is a thoroughly enjoyable sexy read to occupy an afternoon with. There’s a fabulous heroine (with requisite amount of sass), a bad boy hero (but he’s definitely redeemable!), a stereotypical villain, lots of super supporting characters, and witty dialog for the fussy among us. Even the mooning around (whilst trying to not look like you’re mooning) is awww-inducing. In short, this one’s got plenty of warm-fuzzies to go with the hot sizzles, and will go down really well with that cold lemonade!drey’s rating: Pick it up!