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Along Came Trouble: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance

Along Came Trouble - Ruthie Knox Life isn’t all fun and games in Camelot. Especially not for divorced, single-mother Ellen Callahan, and especially not when her famous-pop-star brother’s girlfriend — who happens to be pregnant — lives right next door. And having Caleb Clark showing up on her doorstep? Prattling on and on about security arrangements? Sticking his nose into her routine? Totally. Not. Fun.And why does he have to be so bloody hot, anyway? And patient? And nice? Can’t the guy just take a hint and go away?Of course not, because if he did, we wouldn’t have this gem of a love story. Or should I say 1.5 love stories? Because even if theirs isn’t the focus of Along Came Trouble, Jamie and Carly’s story brings on the “awwww”-inducing warm-fuzzies, too. But let’s get back to Caleb and Ellen. I loved Caleb. Like, loved loved. He’s strong, smart, patient, kind — all wrapped up in a hunky outer layer that reflects his inner beauty. (Yes, I’m gushing. Get over it already.) And Ellen, who’s all prickly and wary, loves her brother and her son unreservedly, and doesn’t want a man around — she grows on you. Before too long you’ll want these two to have their happily-ever-after, never mind what hoops they have to go through to get there. And hoops there are, because hey, this is a romance novel after all — we can’t make it too easy for them, can we?Ruthie Knox’s sense of humor shines throughout Along Came Trouble, as it did in Ride With Me and About Last Night. The love story is as mushy as in her other books and as steamy as well, and I love that Ruthie balances mushy + steamy + characters you care about and want more of, as well as she does. I cannot wait for the next Ruthie Knox book!drey’s rating: Excellent!