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A Beautiful Evil - Kelly Keaton We start A Beautiful Evil with Ari learning to fight, because she can’t afford to get whooped by Athena. Again. Not when Athena already has her father, and Violet. So Ari learns to fight.Then she decides that this waiting thing is for the dogs, she’s going to break into Athena’s domain instead of wondering when (& where) Athena’s going to show. So off she goes, along with Sebastian and Henri. Only, things don’t go quite as Ari imagined they would, and she gets whooped. Again. So now Ari not only hasn’t rescued Violet or her father, she’s gotten more people ensnared in Athena’s web.A Beautiful Evil is non-stop action, with a crazy villainess and an uncertain heroine. Her sidekicks rock, the adults in the Novem don’t, and you won’t be able to put this down until it’s all over. Upon which you will mutter “where’s the next book?”Fans of YA urban fantasy (with oodles of mythology) should pick up Darkness Becomes Her if they haven’t already checked out this series from Kelly Keaton (also author of the Charlie Madigan series).drey’s rating: Excellent!