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Dinner With a Vampire - Abigail Gibbs I really looked forward to checking out The Dark Heroine, I love the cover, and was intrigued by the blurb… The beginning didn’t disappoint, as we meet Violet Lee and witness her abduction and subsequent stay with a clan of vampires. She’s antagonistic and feisty, which is to be expected, but then quickly warms up to some of the vampires.Except, of course, for the constantly-smirking, always-arrogant, ever-annoying Kaspar Varn. Not even if he’s a Prince. Now, we know where this is heading, don’t we? Because as much as I wanted The Dark Heroine to be fresh and new, it’s really a regurgitation of quite a few cliches. I guess I should’ve paid more attention to the part of the blurb that said “For lovers of Twilight and A Discovery of Witches…”. This was definitely more reminiscent of the former than the latter.I wanted Violet to be strong, wanted to see how she overcame her distaste for the vampires’ way of life (she’s a vegetarian!), what her role was going to pan out to be, what she would (or could) do to get out of her situation. Violet is sassy, yes, but also angsty and flighty and do-nothing day-dreamy. She’s more Bella than Katniss, and y’all know how I feel about Bella…And instead of moody, broody Edward, we have Kaspar, who seems to go out of his way to make Violet’s life miserable, like a grade-schooler pulling the hair of the girl he (shhh! secretly) likes. And what YA novel would be complete without a third to make it a triangle? But Fabian doesn’t even have the courtesy to be true through one book, much less three.The saving grace here is the Prophecy of the Dark Heroines — though we don’t know much about it’s purpose — and the where-vampires-come-from background. If Gibbs would’ve spent more time on the world-building and plot instead of the daisy-petal-picking does-he-love-me-or-not hand-wringing, I probably would’ve enjoyed The Dark Heroine a lot more than I did.drey’s rating: Ok.