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The Office of Mercy: A Novel

The Office of Mercy - Ariel Djanikian Natasha Wiley is twenty-four and lives in a post-apocalyptic world where the fortunate live in protected underground bunkers, have never known sickness or hunger, are gainfully employed, and realize every single minute of every day how lucky they are. She serves her community in the Office of Mercy, where her job is to monitor the tribes Outside. Kinda like Big Brother in the sky, a Big Brother whose task it is to determine the fates of those not of their own…The Office has its reasons, of course. Why let a whole tribe of people suffer, from hunger and disease, from the uncertainty of survival? When the hope is slight and the obstacles seem insurmountable? And, don’t those more fortunate have a duty to watch over those less so?But then Natasha starts to slowly realize that maybe, just maybe, it’s not ok to systematically track – and wipe out – entire tribes of people, not matter what the reason, no matter what the justification. It is especially not ok to then add the number of those wiped, to a tally – one that’s shared – that’s broadcast, even. One that’s a competition against other such enclaves, for who’s more “merciful”…I enjoyed the premise of the story, the world Djanikian built, and the moral question that’s asked. I did find the telling a bit dry and I wanted Natasha to be more fleshed out, but overall I liked The Office of Mercy.drey’s rating: Pick it up!