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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi Juliette is deadly – her touch literally burns. And so they took her away and locked her up. For 264 days she’s tried to make herself as small as possible, so they don’t notice her. Then everything changes.They put another human being into her cell. Her 12×12 cell. And not just any other human being, they put him into her cell. The only person who’s ever been kind to Juliette.Tahereh Mafi’s world is stark and unbending. There’s no food. No medicine. And life is cheap, cheap enough that you can be killed for the smallest infraction – or even for entertainment. Run by the Reestablishment, it’s a classic case of benevolent-government-gone-bad. Really, really bad.And now they want Juliette, or rather Juliette’s powers. They want her to use her touch. For them, of course.I loved Shatter Me. Juliette’s thoughts and writings haunt you with their spareness and starkness. Her desolation, confusion, regrets, and memories are ladled out one scoop at a time, allowing you to absorb the story. Even if you inhale the book like I did, you stop to appreciate the words on the page.Juliette is a fabulous heroine. Adam is a respectable hero. And Warner is a vile villain. All three stay with you til the very last page. And even as you cheer for Juliette’s realization that she’s not a monster, even as you hope for her and Adam, you will want Warner to find his way free. Because as much as Juliette’s touch has defined her life so far, so has his upbringing. Sometimes it really takes a village – to hurt and to heal.Shatter Me is the perfect read for those who love their dystopian fiction imbued with bit of fantasy. X-Men, anyone?drey’s rating: Outstanding!