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Backseat Saints - Joshilyn Jackson Well. I simply cannot believe why I've never read Joshilyn Jackson's books before Gods in Alabama, and now Backseat Saints. She creates characters that just pull you in and stay with you. Rose Mae Lolley was a minor character in Jackson's Gods in Alabama, but here, it's all about Rose. Rose, and her past; Rose and the marriage she'd chosen. The same marriage that she is trying to run from. Because if she doesn't, she might end up dead.There are only a few references here to Gods in Alabama. Mostly, it is a story of Rose's journey from abused child to abused woman to abused wife. And, more importantly, her journey to redefine her self, from abused to not, from Rose Mae Lolley to Ro Grandee to, well, not them. The search for her long-lost boyfriend and long-lost mother, are almost speedbumps on the way to her final destination.Joshilyn Jackson is an author I'm glad I "found" this year. The Southern in Jackson comes out in the books I've read so far--in the characters' points of view, their way of thinking, and their speech. Now, I'll have to make room in my reading schedule for The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, which has been on my TBR pile for way too long.