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Just One Taste - Louisa Edwards I think Louisa Edwards is a closet geek. There. I've said it... Not that that's a biggie, as I'm a self-avowed geek myself. Hurrah for girl-geek-power! *grin* Ok, ok. Enough of the silliness.Wes hides his past from everybody, not trusting that they'd want him around if they knew where he's been and what he's done. Rosemary hides from people in general, uncomfortable with social interactions where her brain overtakes her tongue.With all that hiding, how on earth did they show up as co-stars in a romance novel? Well, because Louisa gets it all down perfectly, that's how. The chemistry between these two just work. Doesn't hurt that Wes appreciates Rosemary's particular brand of humor, and Louisa's story-telling and dialog makes their story believable. I could "see" their interactions in my head.Just One Taste is a romantic confection with that little touch of offbeat to make it fresh and yummy. A delicious treat for fans of the genre!