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Unholy Ghosts - Stacia Kane Stacia Kane's Unholy Ghosts is set in a hard and gritty post-apocalyptic world where the Church rules with a heavy fist, and ghosts are a menace (well, one among many, anyway). Which is where Chess Putnam comes in. Her job is to investigate claims of hauntings. If 'tis truth, she banishes the ghost. If 'tis falsehood, she collects a fine for the Church, because you should never lie to the Church! And here you'd be thinking, "Hmm. That's a story?" The answer is, definitely! Because Chess isn't just your handy-dandy ghost-buster on call, she also has problems. Lots of problems. Of which the largest happens to be a lot of money owed to a local drug lord. Now, you're wondering why Chess owes anything to a local drug lord... MY answer is, because there's wouldn't be a story to follow if she didn't. The book's answer is, because Chess has a problem (see beginning-ish of paragraph). Her debt sets Chess on a path to clear some rumored ghosts off an abandoned runway so that the drug lord can fly in more (what else?) drugs. But when she gets there and starts poking around, she finds way more than just ghosts. What was supposed to be a simple task to wipe out her slate, turns into dangerous entanglements with black magic, human sacrifices, and demonic evil. None of which Chess thinks she has a chance of surviving.I really enjoyed this new series' originality, and how flawed Chess is. Who'd think I'd root for a heroine with a drug habit? But I do. Because Chess is truly trying to do the right thing, if for others more than for herself. If you're looking for new urban fantasy to read, you should pick this one up and give it a whirl. I've already got my copy of Unholy Magic, and am just trying to find some time to sneak in some reading!