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The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa Well. Meghan successfully rescued her little brother in The Iron King, and returned him safely home. But Ash collects on her bargain, and she returns with him to the Winter Court, where he leaves her at the mercy of Queen Mab, and disappears. Whatever happened between Ash and Meghan is apparently dust under the rug now.When the Summer Court visits to pass the Scepter of the Seasons to Queen Mab, the Iron Fey infiltrates the Exchange, steal the Scepter, and frame Meghan for the death of Mab's firstborn son, Sage. Since nobody believes that the Iron Fey actually exist, Meghan's life is now in very real danger from Mab's anger. What else can she do but retrieve the Scepter?Rife with intrigue and danger, The Iron Daughter is lush with detail in the descriptions of the characters and the world. I am definitely going to get The Iron Queen when it comes out next February!