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Wild Ride - Jennifer Crusie, Bob Mayer I always love a Jennifer Crusie book for a quick fun read, and when I saw this one in the "new books" section at my local library, I just had to bring it home... And when work for my day job drove me completely nuts, I picked this up for some brain relaxation.And brain relaxation it provided. Mab--Mary Alice Brannigan--is working on restorations at Dreamland (an amusement park) when she gets run over by a clown. Not the kind that scares kids at parties, but one of the metal statues that decorate the grounds. How is that possible? Well, consider that Dreamland was built as a prison for demons, and one got loose...Ethan Wayne has a bullet in his chest from Afghanistan, and returns home to Dreamland to live out his last days. Then Dreamland throws him a curve and a lifeline, but it takes him a while to appreciate the chance...Then there are the government agents intent on finding out if there really are demons at Dreamland, and how the demons can be used. Because that's what governments do, right? Add in the Dreamland regulars, Mab's icky uncle, and the demons themselves, and Wild Ride is a quick breezy read with a dash of romance and a tablespoon of action. No brains required. *grin*