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The Way Home - George Pelecanos The Way Home by George Pelecanos is a story about how your past can not only come back to haunt you, but it influences the way everyone sees you and your actions thereafter. It is also a story on rising above, growing up, and doing the right thing.Christopher Flynn just couldn't seem to make the right decisions. Bad attitude and bad habits send him on his way to incarceration while still a teenager. When he gets out, he does the responsible thing - gets a job working for his dad, meets a girl, tries to settle into "normal" life. One day while on a job he & his partner are tempted by a treasure trove. Not wanting to get dragged back into the life he has finally put behind him, Chris convinces his partner to leave it where it was. When the treasure disappears, the owners come a-hunting Chris & his partner. Now Chris has to find out who's hunting him, and who took the treasure they're looking for. All while convincing his father that he hasn't reverted to his former life.The Way Home is a sad story about life and it's breaks (or lack thereof) when you get caught for your irresponsibility and have to pay the price to society. It is also the story of a young man's redemption and maturity. I found it hard to read - I wanted bad Chris to leave good Chris alone. But all is not as we want it, which is good, for to be otherwise would mean a boring world, indeed. My wanting aside, this was a good read with very well-drawn characters who will pull you into their story.