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Murder Takes the Cake - Gayle Trent Daphne Martin returns to her hometown after putting an abusive husband in jail for trying to shoot her. As she tries to rebuild her life, she's dragged into a police investigation when she finds a customer dead. Not by her hand (or cake), no matter what the local gossips say! After all, she was only trying to deliver a cake...Yes, Daphne bakes. And the descriptions of her cakes are so scrumptious I wanted to run out and get one to eat. Unfortunately, I was traveling when I read this, so no cake for me. Bummer.Well, Daphne finds out quickly how fast bad news flies in a small town, as orders for her cakes dry up. And she has no choice but to try and figure out whodunnit, because a girl has to eat! Then she finds out just how many people would've dunnit, which makes it really difficult to figure out who's friend or foe.Murder Takes the Cake has a heroine that you'd like, with light-hearted humor sprinkled throughout the dialog. The plot flows, the small-town gossip feels real, and the family interactions are complicated, as they usually are.ps: There are recipes for those who like to bake, too. And if you do try 'em out, I'll expect a slice in my mailbox. ;)