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Rogue - Cheryl Brooks Rogue is book #3 in the Cat Star Chronicles by new-to-me author Cheryl Brooks. I've mentioned before that I'm not a big reader in the romance genre, and I've definitely never read a romance/sci-fi book. My first thought on inter-species romance was "ewww", the second was "hmmm, it could work." No kidding.Kyra Aramis is hired as piano teacher to a princess. So what if said princess is light-years away on Darconia, and Kyra's never even left the country before? It should be an adventure at the very least, right? And who'd have thunk that downsized, snub-nosed versions of the T-rex (in Kyra's own words) could even play the piano?In any case, Kyra travels to Darconia and takes up her assignment. Whereupon the queen, Scalia, introduces Kyra to two of her slaves - Zetithian brothers who are devastatingly gorgeous and incredibly sensual. They're also humanoid, which contributed to the 2nd thought on inter-species romance - see above... The fact that they walk around mostly naked doesn't help alleviate the sexual tension present - Kyra's from the two yummilicious specimens of virility, theirs from not having had any in twenty years. Twenty years! Can you just imagine??The world-building is detailed enough to be imagined, as are the various races present in the queen's private slave stash. The storyline moves along, mostly predictably. The *s* scenes don't overpower the storyline, though I cannot imagine it's good for a girl to be walking around thinking about *s* ALL the time. Then again, this is a romance, after all, regardless of which inter-galactic space it occupies. There's more of a plot than girl-meets-boy, girl-falls-for-boy, girl-lives-happily-ever-after-with-boy, which is just dandy with me, even if girl most probably does live-happily-ever-after-with-boy. And no, I'm not going to tell you if she picks one, or which one. =) Hah!Rogue was an enjoyable read, if you like romance novels set in space.