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Girls in Trucks - Katie Crouch Girls in Trucks is the story of Sarah Walters, born into one of the oldest debutante societies in Charleston. Growing up includes weekly Cotillion dancing lessons, minding manners, and appropriate behavior, all overseen by the Camellias. When Sarah moves north for college, and later, a career, she finds that the lessons learned growing up, don't translate so well to the modern world.Girls in Trucks chronicles Sarah's journey from southern belle to broken-hearted, lost soul. Parts of this book was difficult for me to read, if only because I'm sitting here going "C'mon, Sarah! Don't pick that door! Pick that one!" and "noooooooooooooooooo"... *sigh* There is redemption toward the end though. Sarah discovers the meaning of love, and discovers that she's had it all along.This is not a feel-good, fluffy, warm-fuzzy, chick-lit read. Get it anyway.