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Last Night in Montreal - Emily St. John Mandel Where do I start? My initial impression was "hmm, ok..."--as I read the first chapter... By the end of the book, I was at "whoa," and not just for the ending. It was the entire journey--Lilia's story, her searching, her wandering, her disconnected-ness (Is that even a real word? I'm too lazy to Google it...) from the world around her. She's living in it, but not living in it. And it's not just about Lilia, but those caught in her orbit--Eli, who travels to Montreal to find her; Christopher, the private detective who's sent to find her when she's taken, only to lose himself too; Michaela, his daughter, trying to fathom why her father would leave her to track someone else's daughter; Simon, Lilia's brother, whose part in this play doesn't unwind until the end...The characters are deceptively simply--you think you know them, what drives them... And then find out that you're just at the tip of the iceberg. And the thing is, you're kinda drawn in surreptitiously. By phrases like "I want to remain vanishing. I don't want to go home." And "Lilia was aware at times of a presence half glimpsed alongside her, evanescent, only indirectly apparent, like the stars you can see only when you look away." This is beautiful, spare, writing. You won't be able to put this engrossing debut novel down.