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Follow Me - Joanna Scott Sally Werner is not quite my type of gal. She's flighty. Makes rash decisions. Runs away from her problems. But Joanna Scott's writing drew me into Sally's story, and I could not stop reading. I felt horrible when she left home, going away and not looking back. I was happy for her when she landed on her feet. Proud when she sang and others listened, admiring her voice. Sad when she left, again. Resigned when it seems as though Sally's doomed to repeat her mistakes, in yet another town. Run, Sally, run!This is not just a story. It is a story that tugs you along emotionally on its journey. Sally doesn't always make the best decisions, but she manages to get along just fine regardless. She finally stops floating, only to confront the fear of her daughter repeating her mistake. Not all of them, just the big one. And finally, to bring it all together, is the voice of Sally's granddaughter, her namesake. Who pieces together her grandmother's story, and finds out once and for all the truth behind it.What a beautiful piece from Joanna Scott this is!