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This One is Mine - Maria Semple Oh, Violet. Violet is having an identity crisis. She was a somebody, now she's a stay-at-home mom and general greaser-of-wheels so that the Violet and David show keeps moving. Caught in the rut of day-to-day living, even being filthy rich doesn't make your day any more fulfilling. Who cares what you're wearing, where you get groceries, who you lunch with? It's the pursuit of happiness that drives, not the pursuit of taking-care-of-the-mundane. And for Violet, it's not enough. And she doesn't know how to make it enough, how to get back to being happy with her life.Meeting Teddy brings a little of the ooh-I-met-someone-interesting feeling. And Violet has to decide if the thrill is worth risking everything she's built with David.While this is a story about Violet, it is also a story of Sally, David's sister. She's single, and trying very hard to change that. Setting her sights on Jeremy, she does everything she can to "catch" him. Even when she isn't so sure what to make of his quirky traits. And all while she is trying to hide her health issues from him.This One is Mine is ultimately a story about what it means to be loved, and more importantly, to love. About what you give up for it. And what you gain when you are absolutely honest--about yourselves. A beautiful story from Maria Semple--thank you for my review copy.