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Quintspinner: A Pirate's Quest - Dianne Greenlay Quintspinner: A Pirate's Quest is a tale chock-full of adventure and (yes, you guessed it) pirates. The heroine--Tess--is a sixteen-year-old physician's daughter who witnesses the death of a seer. Well, she doesn't actually see who did the deed, but still. And that's when she's bestowed with a spinner ring, and told of her unique abilities.Then her father takes a new position that requires them to move, and they set sail on the high seas. The seas are infested with pirates & sharks, there's a budding romantic interest and a fiance with ulterior motives, and her mother is battling postpartum depression. And that's just Tess' side of the story. The hero is a farmer's son who's press-ganged into service, and his experiences on that ship. Then the pirates pay a visit, and William has to keep his wits about him to save those he can.The characters are likable--well, except for the bad guys. The heroine is a bit bratty at times, but she's only sixteen. The hero is almost too good to be true. And the supporting cast is as colorful as the language. The plot's interesting enough, and the storyline flows smoothly. I thought there were a few too many twists and turns, but it kept just to this side of believable. All in all, Quintspinner is a fun read.