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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver I have been meaning to pick this one up since it came out – apparently I am a huge fan of YA dystopian fiction! drey’s thoughts:Delirium‘s premise was intriguing – a world where love is banned, and everybody gets a procedure to cure them of love, like it’s a disease. Lena is counting down the days till she gets cured, and she can’t wait for her life to be perfect. Even if there are side effects. But what’s losing a few emotional responses compared to a happy life?After all, strong emotions – like love – trigger all sorts of trouble. It starts wars, triggers envy and jealousy, and leave the heartbroken miserably unhappy. So why not just exorcise the entire emotion? Lena doesn’t have any problems with that – after all, love drove her mother crazy when her father died. So crazy she took her own life and left Lena and her sister orphans.Then Lena meets a boy. And everything she’s ever been taught about love is suspect. Then she starts questioning everything. Because if they’re wrong about love, what else are they wrong about? They were right about one thing at least – love does engender strong emotions. Emotions that are very difficult to keep in check when everything you know as truth is suddenly thrown into question.I loved the story-telling, and I really like the characters. Lena’s bond with her BFF floats off the pages, and her love for Alex changes Lena tangibly. Watching her eyes open to the reality of her world, navigating the trials that follow to the final pages of Delirium, is a rewarding experience.I can’t wait for Pandemonium to continue with Lena’s story…drey’s rating: Excellent!