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Deliciously Sinful - Lilli Feisty drey’s thoughts:Have you read Lilli Feisty’s books? If not, prepare yourself… Her stories and her characters are so hot and sexy, they should come with a “combustible!” warning… And Deliciously Sinful totally fits that mold.The story took a while to unfold (not counting the chocolate-in-the-kitchen scene), and these two seem to come to blows just about every time they are on the same pages. But the attraction sizzles, and the dialog is delicious.It took me a while to get used to Phoebe – or, get a picture of Phoebe in my head. Nick I had no problem with, that guy just oozes sexiness. Or maybe it’s just the British accent? Even so, the sparks literally fly from the very moment these two meet, and don’t stop until the very last page. Have a fire extinguisher handy… drey’s rating: Pick it up!