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Justice - Karen Robards, Angela Dawe drey’s thoughts: Karen Robards’ Justice is a gripping read that you will not be able to put down. It starts off with a woman getting killed while two teenagers are hiding under her bed. And moves to a courtroom scene where Jess is surprised by the outcome because, well, she’s absolutely certain her client is actually guilty.Then danger shows up on her doorstep. Literally. And Jess has to figure out who’s trying to kill her, and why. Luckily she has Mark to watch out for her, and luckily he has skillz. However, she hasn’t quite figured out if she can (or wants to) put up with him, skillz notwithstanding.The story moves quickly and flows nicely. When the action picks up, it doesn’t quit until everything’s over and the bad guys are done for. You’ll definitely want to add this to your reading pile.drey’s rating: Excellent!