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Speak to the Devil (Brothers Magnus Series #1) - Dave Duncan Speak to the Devil takes place in the kingdom of Jorgary, where magic is regarded as Satanism and the Church comes and drags you away if you so much as hint at being a Speaker. Never mind that Speakers believe they’re actually talking to (and asking from) the Saints themselves.Anton Magnus is the fourth son of a penniless family seeking to make his name – and he gets the attention of the man who wields the power behind the throne. One brother is Baron, one is a prisoner of war, one was grabbed by the Church, and the youngest serves as Anton’s squire. Sent to a remote castle to avert a war after its keeper and his heir dies – many say by foul means – Anton and Wulf travel via limbo to get there in time to stop the machinations of the neighboring noble (hurrah!) and for Wulf to fall in love with Anton’s betrothed (uh oh). Romeo & Juliet, anyone?There are politics and mercenaries, scheming nobles and shrewish maidens, bad guys and good guys, and a lot of descriptions of Anton’s fabulous mustache. Which isn’t on the character on the cover, more’s the pity. Along with the above, Speak with the Devil has colorful characters and witty dialogue, and an entertaining story wrapped around all of it. I thought it tried just a little too hard to not take itself too seriously, but will say that fans of Terry Pratchett will definitely appreciate the humor.drey’s rating: Pick it up!