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15 Seconds - Andrew Gross I’ll start off with a PSA: You’ll want to make sure you can finish 15 Seconds in one sitting, because once you start it, you just have to know how this is going to end.Now let’s get to the fun stuff! Poor Henry. He’s driving around Jacksonville trying to find his hotel, when he’s pulled over. Before he can catch a breath from clearing up the misunderstanding, the cop’s shot dead. And Henry’s on the run for being a cop-killer.Then his friend – the one he’s supposed to go golfing with, the one he calls for help – turns up dead, too.Now Henry knows someone’s targeting him. The only question is, who? And why? Ok, so that’s two questions. I don’t think Henry is that particular about those details right now…But there’s more than Henry’s story in 15 Seconds. You start off by meeting Amanda Hofer, who runs over a young mother and baby while high, and Carrie Holmes, who’s just returned to work after taking time off for personal reasons. They both play important roles in Henry’s story, but you won’t have time to sit and mull it over as you’re keeping up with him in this fast-paced action thriller.Will he make it? He sure hopes so, but it’s hard to keep hopes up when the cops are shooting first and asking later. And it’s definitely almost impossible to avoid the cops when you’re a wanted cop-killer. 15 Seconds is edge-of-your-seat action that reveals the villain along the way, and doesn’t let up until it’s all said and done.drey’s rating: Pick it up!