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The Reluctant Matchmaker - Shobhan Bantwal Shobhan Bantwal’s The Reluctant Matchmaker is a charming story about a girl who falls in love with a man who’s perfect for her. If only he’d see it. But if he did, we wouldn’t have a story now would we?Meena Shenoy didn’t know she’d be well on the road to love when she literally crashes into her boss, Prajay. He’s super tall (compared to her diminutive height), super smart, and super sweet. The fact that he’s showing concern over her injury has her parents planning their wedding already. Then he asks Meena to help him find a bride – one who’s as tall and smart as he is.Oh, the indignity!Shobhan Bantwal’s The Reluctant Matchmaker is a charmingly modern and fun take on the traditional ritual of match-making. You’d probably be surprised at how many Indian marriages are still arranged, in this day and age. Sometimes I wonder if Indian-Americans are still ok with arranged marriages? How many of them try to hold out and marry for love? And how have perceptions and attitudes towards those who choose, changed with the times? Or not?But there I go off on a tangent. Shobhan wasn’t kidding about “Bollywood in a book” – I enjoyed following Meena as she tries to convince her parents, her aunt, her co-workers, and everybody else under the sun that nothing’s going on between her and Prajay. I did get annoyed at some of her waffling, but overall I liked her. What really makes this book pop for me, though, was the family interaction. From the nosy mother, no-nonsense father, anti-establishment aunt, to Meena’s brothers – the relationships are close-knit and warm, even when they’re not all getting along. Definitely add this to your reading if you’re interested in or curious about Indian families and all that’s involved in falling in love. drey’s rating: Pick it up!