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Cast in Peril - Michelle Sagara, Michelle Sagara West Kaylin, Kaylin, Kaylin. What’s a girl to do with a roommate? Especially one of the dragon variety? In her teeny tiny little apartment, to boot? Then again, it’s not like she has to worry for too long – somebody blows up that teeny tiny little apartment, into teeny tiny little smithereens. And Kaylin now has quarters at the Imperial Palace.Kinda scary, really, when you think about it. I mean, she’s still taking etiquette lessons, after all… Who knows what could happen if she runs into the Emperor himself? So she tries her best not to.And this “jaunt” Kaylin now has to take to the West March definitely fits in with that plan. Unfortunately, it also means that she’s traveling in the company of Barrani – because it’s for a Barrani ritual, after all – including the Consort, Lord Nightshade, and Kaylin’s favorite mage, Lord Evarrim. Do you feel sorry for her yet? I did…After all, Kaylin’s road trips have never been uneventful. And this one isn’t any different.Cast in Peril adds more to the Barrani culture. Their rituals are impressive, their motives less so, and while they think of humans as mere insects scurrying about in their oh-so-brief lives, they can’t help but be impacted by Kaylin’s presence. Which is good, for Kaylin. I think.Michelle Sagara continues to keep me guessing. Every book in the series so far has been unexpected in plot and storyline. And every book in the series so far has left me waiting – anxiously! – for the next. Combine that with characters I love, who continue to grow, and I’m not surprised when I end up re-reading these books, which I do at least once a year. This one’s for fantasy fans who also love a sense of humor (or snark), racial diversity, mystery (Kaylin has to have something to investigate, after all), and a heroine with a definite sense of right and wrong – regardless of what society or convention dictates.I loved Cast in Peril, and I cannot wait for Cast in Sorrow.drey’s rating: Excellent!