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Why Can't I Be You - Allie Larkin Jenny Shaw is not having a great day. She’s in Seattle — which isn’t so bad — but without her luggage, left behind in the trunk of her ex-boyfriend’s car. The very recently ex-boyfriend who dumped her when he dropped her off at the airport. Classy.She’s a basket case by the time she checks in at her hotel, and doesn’t know why she responds when she hears someone calling her “Jessie”… But that response gets her started on the most rewarding journey she’s ever had. Only thing is, the further along she gets, the harder it is to fess up. And fess up she must, because as much as she wishes she were, she’s not Jessie…Why Can’t I Be You is a heart-warming and entertaining story about a girl who thought her life was all planned out, everything was in control. And then life throws her a curve ball. Good thing that curve ball came with a mitt…Jenny faces a lot of hard truths — about her life, and her self. And she finally finds the courage to admit to what she wants, and the courage to actually go for it, regardless of outcome. Jenny, by being Jessie, finally finds herself.If you’re in the mood for a warm-fuzzy escape of a read, pick up Why Can’t I Be You — and live vicariously through Jenny for a few hundred pages. This one goes great with chocolate, or a martini. drey’s rating: Excellent!