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Bloodline - Mark Billingham I cannot believe that here I am, starting another engrossing mystery-slash-police-procedural series, with a pile of precursors to read up on. o.O But now that I’ve had a taste of Mark Billingham’s writing, I don’t know that I can not pick them up…Bloodline starts with a prologue that leaves you hanging, wondering what happened, and who the people are. Then it takes you right into Thorne’s personal life, and while you’re (he’s) still reeling from that revelation, the first body shows up. Which you expect, Thorne being a cop and all… But you sure don’t expect the next one to show up as soon as it does. Nor do you expect to witness how easily the killer strikes next. This is one of those races against time, and you’re rooting for the cops to figure out whodunnit before all that’re left are the bodies.The plot kept me turning the pages, and Britishisms kept me entertained even as the body count added up. Billingham does a great job building up the suspense, and piques our curiosity with peeks at a killer’s thoughts. And the ending had me happy at how he wrapped it all up. A must-try for police-procedural fans.drey’s rating: Excellent!