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The Last Telegram - Liz Trenow Published on drey's library: http://www.dreyslibrary.com/2013/04/04/review-the-last-telegram-by/Liz Trenow’s debut novel is a tale of loss and regret set in England during World War II. Lily Verner is eighteen, has just finished secondary school, and is looking forward to spending time in Geneva that fall when war breaks out. So now she’s stuck working in her family’s silk mill for lack of better options. Luckily, she finds she has a knack for it, and loves the business – which is good because wartime is not kind to anyone. But learning the family business isn’t all that’s in The Last Telegram, as Lily also discovers love, loss, and second chances.Liz Trenow’s storytelling is charming and lyrical, even if the backdrop isn’t. The war looms over everything and everyone, and Trenow captures Lily’s innocence and naiveté perfectly – and it wasn’t just Lily’s hopes and dreams that were crushed by Hitler’s ambition. Even the relative idyll of the English countryside doesn’t escape war’s tentacles, as Lily’s brother John and her boyfriend Stefan head off to fight against Hitler’s forces. And Trenow’s voice is compassionate as she tells us of those left behind, while they too do their best to survive the war.The Last Telegram is a delightful read, and fans of fiction set during the period will love Lily’s story. I know I did, and I look forward to more from Liz Trenow.drey’s rating: Excellent!